Sunday, June 21, 2009

In Defense of Offense

One blog post and I already have two followers! this rate, by my three hundredth post, I'll have...four million followers! (don't worry about the math, it works.)

Now that I have introduced a little of my worldview (much more on that later!), I wanted to take this post to both talk about why the shit I've decided to "blog". God, I hate the word blog.

As I said, I'm a professional server (I'm really fucking good too...I like NEVER mess up orders!) that dares defy the odds to tackle the Hollywood machine. That's all well and good, but what will I be talking about here and why do I think anyone will care?

Well, ok, first, writing a movie is really hard, and a ton of fucking work. While I'm making movies to tackle some of the thoughts I will write about here, I have many more reflections and ideas that simply won't make it into a film. To write a great film (something I have not done yet), one must create an absurd amount of interesting ideas, hack them to pieces, then hope, eventually, a story emerges that both fascinates and educates. Usually it doesn't. Anyhow, this takes a very long time, and I simply can't fit all the things I have to say into that medium.

Why not just write columns then? I believe in the power of entertainment to educate. Reading can be fascinating, and I try to do as much of it as I can, but I often find my mind wandering...blame it on my generation, on the vast amounts of weed I've smoked, whatever, but I find moving pictures, evocative music, relatable characters and dialogue, etc. to hold my attention, hold my mind effortlessly. And hold it firm, like a firm man hug. Then the ideas can flow freely into the brain!

So, this is my compromise. Rant and rave about the world I've found myself in (hell, I didn't ask for this, none of us did), and try to write a great film while I'm at it.

But really, why?...'Cause life is the craziest thing that's ever happened to me.

Now for a little disclaimer. It is of my opinion that the main reason art is so integral is that it opens lines of communication and understanding betwixt human beings. Why are communication and understanding important? This seems to me the reason for most of the problems on this planet. People unable to put our common needs and the good of humanity above their own immediate desires because, hey, they're needs are simply MORE IMPORTANT. "I am a me, I am no one else. I like to make me happy, because I AM me, therefore I need to work for me, and they need to work for them."

NOT THE DEAL. Understanding creates empathy, which creates trust, which creates more communal happiness...However, that's a (or many more) post(s) for another time.

In my efforts to communicate and understand, I will be shockingly honest. I will say things in this blog that are offensive, crude, and inappropriate. I may even say things like "Delightful Faggot" or "Hairy Jew Balls". I've been told to watch what I say on this could hurt my career! Hell, I might even be kicked off blogspot. (If that happens, I will be continuing the blog on a new one can keep me down!) And all I ask is, if you ever find yourself angry about something I've said, think about these four things.

1) I have already stated that anything I say "conclusively" is only based on my understanding of the world at the youthful age of 23. I don't know anything for sure, and I am all about revising my opinions should new, pertinent information be given to me. If I decide to go into politics at forty and some douchebag anus face tries to bring this shit up, I promise I will call him a douchebag anus face to his douchebag anus face.

2) Where is your outrage coming from? Please ask yourself that before you attack me. Are you mad because I misunderstand something? Are you mad because I'm drawing the wrong conclusions? You might be right, but remember, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING. That's the point. If you think I'm wrong, convince me so, and we'll move forward. Everyone wins.

3) I am writing without many filters and fairly unedited. I do a lot of my best writing on the fly, and I personally like to read writing that sounds like real thought, not "professionally prepared."

4) This is a big one. I admit the language I use is colorful. My friends and I (and probably you and your friends) use lots of words that people find "offensive". But to illustrate why I think it's ok if I say "Sizable Nigger Schlong", I will use this specific bad word.

Everyone asks, "Why can black people say Nigger, but white people can't?" Simply put, black people tend to not hate black people, but are familiar with people that do. This is a word so closely related with irrational hatred, that there is a big fence around it. But, I don't hate black people (at least no more than any other kind of people.) Why don't I hate black people? Because it DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE. People are people. Hatred of an individual for no reason other than race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., is done. It's idiotic. It's over. If you do it, you're holding the rest of us back. Go drown yourself in pudding (best way to go out!)

But then, Aaron, why use these words? Why turn off potential readers? Hm...they're funny. They elicit a response. They illustrate how much farther we have to go as a society. And, frankly, I'm more likely to read something if I relate to it, and people relate to our differences.

There you go. I'm tired of worrying about offending. I'm sorry if people's feelings get hurt, but I won't apologize for my honesty. If I make mistakes, I will correct them. I hope blogger doesn't kick me off, but if I'm still here in a week (and still have two followers after this column!), maybe I really do have something, and we'll have some FUN.


Aaron Sydney Golden

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